...on being a local...

Something amazing happened yesterday.  I wandered through a little area near our house, in and out of some shops, and really liked it.  It felt small town to me, local, and friendly.  Not to say I've run into a slew of mean people here, but small town isn't a feeling I get too often living near such a big city. 

We found the awesome local wine and cheese store, the local coffee shop filled with people the butcher who sells local meats (except for the kangaroo) and the custard shop.  

We of course had to get some cheese, some olives, some custard.  Wouldn't you?  Here's to enjoying life- just where we are...


  1. YEA! I love finding little pockets of "small town" around DC - there are tons of them. Yours sounds particularly nice with all the delicious food options!