...hoppin john in the slow cooker...

I guess if I took a picture of black eyed peas, I must have cooked with them.  I did, in the beginning stages of the slow cooker.  I thought, "Oh, I'll make Hoppin' John, sounds Southern."  Well, it is- but the Southern gentleman I live with had never heard of it.  Oh dear.  It's ok, because it wasn't all that amazing.  I mean, I think I just don't love collard greens.  Or maybe I would cooked the right way by someone who is Southern, but I'll just leave that up to them.

As far as this recipe goes, you could try it.  I'm probably not the best critic though, since I don't have much to compare it to.  It was easy, and had all the right flavors.  It also had Rotel.  This recipe marked the first time I had ever bought Rotel, and let's note that I haven't bought it since.  I'm not so Southern after all.  As for me, I'll wait to hear about an incredible Hoppin John recipe before I make this again, or as mentioned earlier, I'll just stick with pork and sauerkraut for New Years luck!

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