...when nothing seems to go your way...

Ok, not nothing, but it's almost been comical how the last couple days have shaped up.  Benjamin had veterans day off yesterday and we planned to go drop his Ducati off at the shop to get some service done and all ready for a new buyer (anyone? anyone?) and then planned to go hike Old Rag. 

 I've been tackling a cold this week, so when I was feeling quite weak and tired, we knew Old Rag wasn't going to happen.  There are just certain situations one avoids as to not get in an argument with their spouse.  This was one of those times.

We decided it was ok, we had lunch in Winchester then found a Home Brew Store near us and decided we'd go there, get the goods, and start brewing a porter.  Well, the man at the shop was beyond rude and unprofessional.  When Benjamin told him he wanted to make his first all grain beer- he told us flat out it had been a busy day and he didn't have time for us.  Needless to say we walked out and won't be giving him our business.  Thankfully the day ended on a high note- $2 beer night at Capitol Brewing where we met up with some friends and enjoyed beer cheaper than coffee these days, and good conversation.  Tonight, because of course the saga has to continue, we thought we'd go to a movie for free- we got promo codes after paying $20 for 4 movie tickets.  A movie is $11/person here so this was a great deal.  I go to get our tickets and the company has closed, so no more promo codes for us.  Lovely.

Here's to YOU having a great weekend.  Ours will involve potentially hunting, seeing friends in Baltimore, and providing snacks for 100 people at church.  I really want to make 100 snacks, but given the luck of the last few days, these things may just be store bought...


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