...so good brownies...

That's the name of these, as found in Southern Living, and this time, I'm going to have to agree with them.  Once you try these you'll see they are rather easy and delicious (I like those two together) and they are extremely good.  I love how there's a bit of a crunchy top on the outside and a seemingly soft inside.  Perfect combination if you ask me.

Remember when I mentioned making 100 snacks for church on Sunday?  Well, I made these.  I took this recipe and times it by 4 which gave me 2 9x13 pans full of brownies.  I think you should make these.  Maybe soon because before too long you'll be way too swept up with all the holiday goodness out there.

Ingredients for an 8x8 pan of brownies:
4 (1 oz.) unsweetened chocolate baking squares
3/4 cup butter
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
3 eggs
1 cup flour
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt

  1. Preheat the oven to 350.  Line the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil allowing a bit of a lip on the sides.  Spray with cooking spray.
  2. Microwave chocolate and butter in a large bowl until melted and smooth, stirring every 30 seconds.
  3. Whisk in granulated sugar and brown sugar.  Next add eggs one at a time until they are each incorporated.  Now whisk in the flour, vanilla, and pinch of salt.
  4. Pour into pans and bake for 40-44 minutes.  If/when you double the recipe, be prepared for this to take longer.
  5. Remove from pans with the center is cooked.  Allow to cool them lift up the aluminum foil and place on a board to cut.  Serve warm and enjoy!

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