...menu planning...

Are you trying to figure out what to eat this week like so many others right now?  My Mom and I just somewhat finalized the menu.  It'll involve...

A brined and then buttered turkey (first time for this way of doing it...I'll let you know how it goes!)
Mashed potatoes made with lots of sour cream AND butter
Sweet potatoes of some sort
Brussels sprouts involving bacon
Classic stuffing from a box (it's just too buttery and good)
A sausage corn bread form of stuffing (new this year)
Cranberry Sauce (my classic)
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie 

I'm ready for pie and decaf coffee already.  Gotta make my grocery list today and get in the grove.  We'll show up Wednesday night with hopefully cranberry sauce, pecan pie, and stuffing in hand.

In other news, Thursday marks the time we can officially decorate.  I broke rules this year being such a rule breaker and all, and our house is somewhat decorated sans the tree we'll be cutting down ourselves on Saturday.  I'm pretty excited about it.

Happy decorating, eating, and being merry.  Lots of recipe's coming your way this week....


  1. Should I be curious as to why you're drinking decaf? :-)

    And love the house already decorated... perhaps we will have a NoVA Christmas home(s) tour (i.e. your and my house, assuming mine ever gets decorated) later in December!

  2. Can't drink caffeine after 5 Kara! We'd love that! We'll have a tree come Saturday!