...saturday breakfast sandwich...

Before you run out the door tomorrow and spend $8 for a breakfast sandwich you could make at home....check this out.  I woke up last Saturday more hungry than usual which in part plays into the fact we have the most incredible dark blinds in our room.  We only let them down during the weekend really or else we'd probably never get out of bed.  It makes the room so dark it's easy to roll over and realize you're not such the early riser after all.

I fried up some eggs in this pretty cast iron pan I was gifted with last Christmas, and basically made a BLT with an egg.  Not all that fancy, but then again, all that good.  So try it out.  As for us, we may be splurging tomorrow and trying out Carlyle for breakfast- but we'll see.  We might be full after a dinner of Lobster Rolls thanks to Red Hook Lobster truck at Curbside DC.  Getting hungry just thinking about it...


  1. How was the Lobster Truck? They were here in Foggy Bottom a few weeks ago and we wanted to go but didn't end up having time to wait in the long line.

  2. Kara- It was good. Waited in line for an hour and a half and after much thought, decided it was worth it. Really big pieces of lobster, temperature was right, and the bun was nice and toasted. I think next time I won't stand in line that long, but it was good!