...founding farmers...

We're going here tonight.  Normally I'd do a review post our meal, but I don't really think I need to.  I know it'll be awesome, and I know if you haven't been here, you should go.

We just watched Food, Inc this weekend (I know- I can't believe either that it took me this long to see it) and I'm especially excited to go and feel okay about eating their meat.  That movie got to me and from now I'm going to be way more picky about what kind of meat we buy!  Makes me miss SB Farmers markets where you could get chicken, pork, and beef all from local organic farmers.  I'll stop there before I get on my soap box.

I will say it got Benjamin excited to hunt- knowing I'd find it an incredibly organic way to get meat.  Who thinks someday I'll be posting a recipe on venison?!  We'll see about that one...

T-minus 3 hours til fried green tomatoes...


  1. ooohhh! I have always wanted to go there! enjoy! see you in 1.5wks!

  2. so jealous, I love it there. Drink a "Constitution" for me!

  3. What's in the constitution? I had Chelsea's Manhattan- yum- and Benjamin had the bone- which has tabasco and a bacon 'lollipop" so he was all excited about that one!