...basted buttered and baked steak...

This way of cooking steak has become the only way we cook steak.  It's really just too good.  If you don't cook your steak like this or are getting sad about the cooler weather and the lack of grill time you're about to have, don't fret.  I learned about this from a friend in Santa Barbara, and Benjamin and I have adopted it as the only way we cook steak really.  He read an article where the one and only Thomas Keller recommended this same technique, so now we're really hooked.

We got this incredible All-Clad pan for the big day and absolutely love it.  I'd more than highly recommend a purchase of one yourself.  We let the pan get hot, add some oil and add the well seasoned room temp steak.  Don't move it.  Let it get a good sear, then after a few moments flip.  At this point, Benjamin said Thomas told him to add a pat of butter, let it run off, then baste the steak with it's drippings and the butter.  Whatever you say Mr. Keller.  We did and boy was it good.  After it's got a good sear, and it on there for a few moments you throw it into an oven at 375 for 10 minutes for medium or 8 minutes for medium rare.  I vote for 10 minutes.  It's still pink and incredible delicious.

At the end, take your steak out and put onto a board to let it rest for about 8-10 minutes.  This is when all the juices come together.  It makes it so when you cut into it there aren't just juices going everywhere.  We sliced ours up for some friends, and fed many more than we thought with 2 steaks.  I served it up on our cow platter (also thanks to the big day.)  I'm pretty sure this platter with steak juice is just the way it was intended to be....

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  1. I do that butter trick, too! I'm always amazed what a difference that tiny pat of butter makes - so rich and delicious.