virginia. wine country?

Two weekends ago Benjamin and I headed out to Virginia's wine country.  Purceville and Haymarket to be exact.  We picnicked at Hillsboro then headed in for a tasting.  It was....ok.  I've been there before and liked it, and this time I would say it was ok.  Gotta be honest.  We mentioned that we thought maybe a bottle was off, and they tasted, and tried, and told us they thought it was fine.  (just Virginia wine...).  After that we headed to an awesome market where we got local buuuuutttter and some sweet corn (great combo) and also some beets.  I love me some roasted beets.  I'd also like to paint something in the color of "beet."

Afterwards we headed to Haymarket and La Grange for some sangria.  Apparently others got the memo and this place was packed.  We thought they might be out of sangria but thankfully they came through.  Having come off a week in Napa we wondered if maybe they tasted a bad bottle or two and thought, "hey, at least we can make Sangria!"  That said, a lot of people were lining up to buy wine too!  It was a beautiful setting and a great day in the country...

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