It's Friday!  Instead of leaving you hanging for who knows how long, I'm just going to keep the posts coming, ok?  Here we have a picture that was sent to my phone today.  That's right.  An eharmony mosaic up in Times Square.  Guess what?  Benjamin and I are in it.  You win.  You probably already guessed that.  Youbetcha.  I submitted photos and we made it.  It was sent to me from a friend who got on the eharm after we did, and just got engaged to her match!  Congrats you two!

So, it's about 100 degrees today which it totally messing with me and what my made up ideal weekend would look like.  After all, I did make pot roast the other day and I'm ready for Fall.  Instead, I guess I'll enjoy open toed shoes for a bit longer... I would like to say goodbye to the heat driven allergies though- they can leave now.

Happy Friday!

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