...quick crispy cheesy chicken...

Remember when I made these before?  Maybe not.  Well, I did a variation of these with cheese and ham.  That was tasty.  These were too.  Stacey came over for dinner and I was in an "Oh no, I have nothing in the fridge, what can I make?" mode (even though I knew she was coming to dinner for about a week.)  I turned to eggs, panko, and flour.  Breading this chicken and then sauteeing up the tenders in the sauce pan we love oh-so-much until they were golden, flipping them, adding a bit of cheese, and plopping them into the oven at 350 for about 8 minutes or so resulting in crispy, juicy, chicken to spice up the menu. We had a big salad, good wine, and called it a night.


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