operation enjoy dc

When Ana and I lived here after college, we didn't much like DC.  In fact, we got to the point where we had to have "OEDC: Operation Enjoy DC."  Well, Benjamin didn't know about this at all, but he's doing a good job which is making me enjoy it here to a degree I didn't think I would.  Or maybe I should say, didn't think I would- so soon.  Rather than have a few posts about what we've done in the past week, I figured I'd post one.

This Thursday we met up with Bob, Benjamin's friend from the USAF who is stationed in Montana but here for a conference.  He's staying at the Gaylord at National Harbor, so we met up with him there.  I had to let go of my hopes of eating Rosa Mexicano when he said he hated Mexican food, so we found ourselves at the sports bar in the Las Vegas style hotel.  This place really made me feel like I was in Vegas.  Impressive, yes.  Similar to Vegas, am I really needing to go back?  No.  The night was beautiful and just turning to get cool.  We had a great time catching up with Bob over a burger, then walking around and sharing a drink at Bobby McKeys where two guys rocked it out for all 8 of us.

Friday night we found ourselves at Fashion Night Out in Georgetown because well, we're just that classy.  OR we like a deal.  We walked around shops that were staying open later and enjoyed a free drink here and there, some music in the streets, and most importantly, my first (and also free) Georgetown Cupcake!  I have to say, I got a bit more excited than I'd maybe like to admit standing in line thinking about the few episodes of the show I've watched.  I was trying to tell Benjamin how it's not as annoying as he might think.  Not sure that worked.

Regardless, we're having fun and enjoying it here.  I made a great eggplant parm tonight I'll try and post tomorrow.  Happy Weekend!


  1. Yessssssss. My evil plan is working! Oh, Rosa, you are so good. Your mild gauc is to die for.

  2. Hello Cupcake all the way!!!! While Georgetown cupcake has cooler digs, I like Hello Cupcakes better!