It's been a big week here enjoying dc.  Kate was in Thursday as we headed to see Jenny & Johnny at the Black cat, then this morning Eric arrived for the weekend before deploying to Afghanistan.  House guests galore!

Today we headed to Crystal City for lunch with Bob then headed downtown to go to the Spy Museum and then over to the Portrait Gallery.  There's an exhibit there now with Norman Rockwell pieces- collections of George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg.  Well done to them.  This Spy Museum was worth every penny ($18 a person) and the portrait gallery was great.

We headed to Old Ebitt to show Eric that, get a drink, then headed back to catch the Clemson football game, make some steak, drink some wine, and enjoy the weekend.  On the way there we saw the Cowgirl Creamery shop, stopped in, and immediately were offered a wine tasting.  For free. Happy Saturday to you!

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