...city life...

My apologies for the lack of food posts.  it's really on my list of things to do this week.  trumping 'you' has been work, making dinner, making lunch, and well, other house things.  I'm trying to get into a better routine and this week have hit up a yoga and Pilate's class at the gym just 2 blocks from my office.  It's not only a great workout, but a nice little break from sitting at my desk.  After Pilate's today I went to Pret A Manager (having failed to make lunch because this morning I woke up to sear meat for pot roast...10 hrs in the slow cooker today equals dinner tonight.)  Kate talked this place up, and for good reason.  It's so fresh, I feel almost like I packed my lunch after all.  I got their super health salad (that's the name) and a coconut pineapple water.  I'll pack my lunch the rest of the week after the price of such a simple meal, but not disappointed in the least.  Thanks Pret, and thanks yoga-lates.


  1. Man, you get around! You already discovered Pret! Isn't it fantastic? Actually, I should say... I've never actually eaten there, just had their hot chocolate which is to die for... but sadly, the prices are too. I dream of a lunch there one day but it'll be a special occasion for sure. (hey, does this mean we work near each other?)

  2. Metro Center... where are you?!