...moved in.,..?

It's our third night in the new place and you could say we've got boxes.  Tonight we'll graduate from the air mattress to our real bed.  Ah, the luxuries.  I didn't stop much today while Benjamin was at work, (thanks, Mom for helping me unpack) until I got an envelope with our wedding photos by Annemarie in them!  I love love love what you sent Annemarie!  Thank you thank you.  Can't wait to see more by Emily, until then, here's two faces that I loved seeing wedding weekend.  Molls who I just love, and Miss Ruby who I just got to meet, and well, love her too of course!  Such fun.  Friends- COME VISIT!!


  1. Anonymous8/23/2010

    So glad that you loved them. I LOVED them too!! Love you guys too!! Happy newlywedness in the new place!

  2. i want to see pics of the new place once you're settled. yes, yes, gotta start looking for good deals out to dc!