...chesapeake bay...

The past couple of weekends we've gone up to the eastern shore. Annapolis one weekend to meet up with Todd and Kristen and for my dad to do a reunion of sorts with some of his classmates from the Naval Academy, and then the following weekend up to St. Michael's for my dad's 60th!  We took a little ferry across and enjoyed walking up and down the streets and into little shops. 


It had been so hot and humid here that being closer to the water definitely cooled things down.  We ate some seafood and enjoyed the bay.  Sailing classes just might be in the horizon someday, and something tells me I could get used to living close to these areas.  I value being able to get out of city life and see trees and WATER!  It's not the Pacific, but I'll try not to complain.  Life is good.

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  1. loving this post. the third picture IS my childhood. was just there last month.