Napa, Sonoma, and San we come!

The honeymoon has been kept secret to me up until Friday.  Benjamin got in and we went to go spend some time before dinner with the family.  While sitting at Gamekeepers I told him, "it's ok if I don't know right now, but could I maybe know in a couple weeks?"  After all, a honeymoon only happens once and if I need to be on the lookout for a cute dress or two, it's only for his benefit that I find out. 

Our families arrived and we had a lovely dinner on the patio.  In true Chagrin form 2 other families who have kids I went to high school with were at tables around us.  Gotta love small towns.  We discussed the wedding, the weekend, and when I thought it was all done, I was handed a bag.... 

To my surprise, I opened it to find out we'll be staying in Sonoma and then going in to San Francisco for a couple days!  I think we're going to love it.  The little restaurants and cafes well go to, the open road we'll drive on, and the crisp California air.... Can't wait.  Let the recommendations and research begin... The Girl and the Fig... Ad Hoc... Wine...

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  1. i hear campbell is nice around mid-august... just saying.
    ummm... ad hoc honeymoon = perfect.