Blossom in it's Truest Form

I remember getting so excited to go down to Blossom on Friday night.  That's when everyone was out and I could scope out with my friends who were there.  Being from Chagrin, I admittedly remember being surprised when people had made a 15-20 minute drive in just for the occasion.  Perhaps we were a little territorial.  I'd say yes, yes we were.

After dinner Friday, we decided to go into Blossom thinking maybe it wasn't as crazy yet.  I didn't plan on going all the way through, but that is what happened.  We ran into Hannah, Liz, and Anne at the ferris wheel and after talking to them for a bit, decided we too should get tickets and get in line.  I remember back in the day being asked to Blossom, which somehow meant you'd be going on the ferris wheel with that boy, and people would see you.  **big deal**  This time around, I was happy to jump on board and ride around with Benjamin.  In my older years, I do miss the naivete of not worrying so much about how this large aparatus was somehow just configured in what seems like minutes by..umm...the man operating this vehicle.  He looks trustworthy for sure.

We rode around in the fairy tale town that is Chagrin and enjoyed the fact that Mamma T couldn't keep her eyes open and my Mom was taking every chance she got to snap a pic.  Good times.

After that, I was done.  Benjamin and Amanda had other plans.  The Super Loop.  I would be watching from afar and hoping that thing didn't break.  Once that was over, I pretty much sprinted out of that place.  In such attempts, I stubbed my toe on someones shoe getting through the masses.  Learned my lesson there when it turned black and blue for the next couple days.  Oh well.  The price we pay for loved ones...


  1. how much would it cost to get the good peeps of chagrin to keep that gorgeous ferris wheel assembled for your wedding weekend extravaganza?

    i'll split it with you...

  2. Ha! Yup, pretty sure Jim would fly for that. Should we ask Becky to operate it?!