b spot

I've been here a couple times.  Michael Symon is pretty great in my opinion.  He's a great chef and he loves Cleveland.  So much in fact, that he pops up fun restaurants and gets people to really appreciate them I think.  At least, I speak from my experience at B Spot in Eaton.  There's a huge sign in there that explains how everything on the menu- mainly heavy man food- was well thought out and it is what it is.  No substitutions please.  They have a condiment bar with different types of pickles you can get and many a beer on tap which is kind of fun.  If I had to give them points based on their fries I'd rate them high- rosemary and sea salt is such a winning combination.  I took Benjamin here and pretty sure we got real full off of some wings thinking we'd just 'get something light.'  Not possible at this place, but definitely worth the visit.

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