oh. hello. or. hey y'all

You could say we're t-minus 90 days and counting til the big day!  The last few days have involved lots and lots of planning with my soon to be new family whom already seem like family pre-nuptials.  The invitations should arrive soon, the party is being planned, and it'll be here before we know it!  Until that time I've found myself taking care of kids here and there and everywhere, and all in all, keeping quite busy!  So- thankful for that and excited for the days to come.  We'll head north tomorrow, until then, g'night y'all from Aiken, South Carolina.  Many recipes to post in the days to come...

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  1. LOVE that picture, and so excited that the days ARE going by fast!! Wooohooo! And ps...everytime I visit your blog I'm reminded of it's wonderful playlist. It will be open in my browser all night, be assured ;)