spring has sprung

So.  Since I'm not living the life of luxury anymore in Santa Barbara, I need to be hyper about looking around and appreciating where I am.  Well, I must say, Spring has been a good time to move.  Every single tree or plant seems to be in blossom with red, pink, and white flowers.  Sans allergies, this is really wonderful to me.  I've been on some walks around the neighborhood with my mom, and it's fun to see people enjoying their porches, sitting outside, and well, seasons.

A couple weeks ago we decorated Easter eggs with dear family friends, the Rooneys.  Their youngest takes quite well to my dad and it was a fun time decorating with them after breakfast.  That same weekend we headed down the the cherry blossom festival.  been there- done that.  The crowds were crazy and it was one of those Disneyland like experiences- probably best if you can miss the crowds!  The only other time I'd seen the trees in bloom was probably 3-4 years ago with a couple friends at night.  It was still pretty, and definitely not crowded!  This year my dear friend Kristin met up with us and we walked around the blossoms.  So pretty...once you were able to not watch where you were walking, try to avoid being in someone else picture, and look at them!

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