i could go for some molly time, please.

It's been a full few days, a full month, and heading into another interesting season- or such is my life these days.  Today I went down to the cherry blossom festival at the tidal basin.  The only other time I'd been was with my friend Meredith and we went at night.  This time, Kristin and I braved the crowds and well, beautiful yes- but stressful and crowded and crazy? double yes. 

Right about now, instead of unpacking and organizing, I'd like to go over to Leslie's and have some couch time with Molls.  Missing my friends in SB but ready for this new season of transition and excited about the end in sight!  Here are some pics from the last week or so of my time in SB.  She's cute- real cute.  Can we please note how she's totally learning to lean in and pose for pictures?!  Miss you Huis


  1. molly is too cute!

  2. we miss you, too! molly was just asking about where you were...