...happy birthday mother dearest...

So, today is my Mom's Birthday.  Happy Happy!  After church we packed a picnic and headed out to Virginia Wine Country.  I've got to admit.  Living in California changed my palette when it comes to wine.  I'm not complaining, but when I've tasted some wines from this region that I haven't liked well, I've poured them out.  Today, was a breakthrough.

We went to Hillsborough Winery and it was actually really good!  I liked a white and a red by them and enjoyed the beautiful views and nice tasting room.  We went to another one which was, well, nothing to write home about, and drove through the extremely quaint town of Waterford, Virginia.

At lunch my Mom said, "Isn't this pretty?  I love Virginia!"  My dad and I just looked at each other and laughed.  That's a breakthrough.  I know my Mom didn't expect to be here 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, and I sure didn't expect to be here, oh, 6 months ago!  SO.  Here's to Birthdays and being happy, eventually, with where we're at!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Love!


  1. it's so pretty!

    happy happy day, ruth!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ruth! Laura, those are great pics. I think we'll do Hillsborough for a date night.