...happy birthday kate!....

I'm not so good at remembering my friends Birthdays.  It's something I hope to get better at as I get older..err- is that possible?  Just kidding.  Well, Kate's a dear dear friend and her birthday has been easier for me to remember not just because of that, but because it's so close to my Mom's.  Also, because well, I'm pretty sure I recall Kate reminding us of when her birthday was growing up.  See- those reminders paid off because today I can still hear her telling me when it is.  I couldn't help but post a couple oldies but goodies on this her dear Birthday.  That's right Kate- put your arms up...and celebrate!

I had to post this winner too with Anne.  Both of these fine ladies will be standing up with me on my wedding day!  It's time to laugh now because if this picture shows up sometime over wedding weekend I'll be full of emotion and tears will come when I see it!  Love you, Kate!  Happy Happy!


  1. Thank you! Those picture are pretty amazing.

  2. Anonymous4/21/2010

    SO cute! Fun photos!