ft. benton. the birthplace of montana.

Last time I was in Montana Benjamin and I made our way out to Ft. Benton, and to a little restaurant in a the Grand Union Hotel.  A few people had recommended this place and I was excited to go to what was supposed to be a really good restaurant in a quaint little hotel.  Well, it did not disappoint.  We made our way there before sundown and although this town isn't what it once was, or so I assume, I could see how the hotel along the river, near a bridge and where a ferry once was, would have been a bustling place some time ago in the 1800's.  We had probably the best meal yet in Montana and enjoyed the decor of the place.  When we walked in, of course my initial thoughts were, "This place is haunted for sure."  Well, no ghost sitings so it's safe to say I'd like to go back, grab a booth, and pretend like I have the next train to catch...


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