from a box?! coconut cupcakes

For my birthday Roth got me a box mix of coconut cupcakes.  Not just any box mix, because we all know I'm not so pro box mix.  I heard Martha say the other day how she couldn't believe she was coming out with a box mix.  I can't believe it either, Martha.  

Anyways, I got a box mix and we agreed since this wasn't just any mix, but Barefoot's Coconut Cupcake mix, it had to be good.  And my oh my was it.  So good in fact that people who tried it really did say, "this is from a box?  Really?"  Yes.  

So dear reader.  I recommend this box mix.  It still had steps and wasn't as easy as "add oil and water and eggs."  My mom always tells me someday when I have kids and am running around all day, I'll turn back to the box mix.  Now I know I'll head straight for this one.

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