frittata take 2, California inspired

While in Montana, there's a lot of "everything but the kitchen sink" inspired cooking.  Even if that means I have to go get things to put in the fridge that could be considered, everything we have...but the kitchen sink.

When making brunch, Benjamin asked if I make a frittata again.  I was happy to oblige, knowing some onion, passilla pepper, tomato and cheddar cheese would taste good.  Also the avocado on top with a few sprinkles of Louisiana hot sauce, we'd be in business.

 I've said it before and I'll say it again, frittata's are just such a good idea.  It's not scrambled eggs, and it's not even an attempt at an omelette.  It's pretty simple; saute your veg, add your eggs, make sure the sides are cooking, then throw it in a 375 degree oven on the top rack until the top is done.  Slide the treat onto a cutting board, top with avocado, and enjoy.

I had some yogurt with granola and honey as well.  I like this fun little shot of the breakfast, and Benjamin taking a big bite.

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  1. Making this tonight! Here's hoping that it turns out half as good as yours :)