...where have i been...

Seriously.  No Seriously.  I mean.  Really.  I really don't even want to look at the date of my last post.  All I need to know is it's been way...too...long.  Well.  I could explain.  Selling my furniture.  Saying my goodbyes.  Enjoying every last inch of Santa Barbara that I could.  Basically pretending like I was on vacation for a few hours a day and when I wasn't using packing tape, I was walking on the beach, or to it, 'because...i...could."


Well.  Life will be back up blog style soon.  I'm in South Carolina now wedding wedding wedding planning with the new family and getting lots done!  Soon I'll be in VA and life will resume for a bit.  A definitely interesting time and well, I'll be sure to post more about this good life and good spoon, good transition and a post here and there involving the face of this lucky man whose smile takes up about half his face. I will say- I'm excited to be cooking more meals as I'll be with my parents- cooking meals is much more fun when you know you won't have to then consume that concoction for the next week of leftovers.  I decided to post some pictures from the road trip across the country for the 4th time because well, maybe, you'll forgive me and read on... And maybe, when I tell you about a blizzard we drove through in Vega Texas and an old friend we met up with in Memphis, TN and the 4 days of driving you'll understand.

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  1. Glad to see you back and hear all about the wedding planning!! I was getting tired looking at the red beans :)