oh just a fritata


I admit it.  I'm not a fan of the eateries around here.  Here being Great Falls, Montana.  Driving back from the mountains today we wished there was some nice lodgy place with a fire place we could go sit at.  Why does every place have to have a casino attached to it?  Oh marginal falls- I'm glad Benjamin won't be here forever. :)

This morning I decided I'd rather make us breakfast than go to it.  When we knew we'd be heading to the mountains, we needed something with sustenance.  I decided I'd make a scramble, which mid way turned into me thinking a fritata was a much better idea.  I sauted up some green onions and turkey kielbasa that was left from the red beans and rice I made the night before, and once those were cooked in some butter, I threw in about 5 eggs.  I made sure they were cooking through, and put the oven on to about 375.  I threw in some cherry tomatoes I had chopped up and some Parmesan cheese.  Into the oven it went, on the top rack just until done.  Make sure the middle is set, and then pop it out of the oven and slide it onto a cutting board.  I threw on some more cheese and some more chopped onion.  Oh- and how could I forget? Bacon.  Lots of crispy bacon.

Benjamin said this was better than what we could have gotten at a restaurant here.  Maybe he kinda has to say things like that now.  Either way- I was happy with the decision and think sometimes you should go this route.  Instead of a scramble- fritata it!


  1. great pics! wish i could take a bite.

  2. Anonymous3/07/2010

    ahhh...those are nice pics. good job benny. i love to see the ring in the pics too!