{...Now Serving...LBsGoodSpoon.com...}

....the site is up!  A sincere thank you to the many encouraging words, notes, spoon tea towels, recipe cards, aprons, etc. etc. that have gotten me to this point.  Thank you to sweet Emily for being the mind and fingers behind the design of the site, and Annemarie for taking awesome pictures per usual and Allie for setting up the spread, Leslie for having a great backyard, my parents for encouraging me and Benjamin for believing in me, the friends who have planted many a seed of foodie love...and the list goes on!!  Thank you to family and loved ones who keep encouraging me to go after what I love- and for the confidence this gives me to start on this adventure!  

Here's to this bringing glory to God and for Him using this little class and cooking fun in more ways than I can comprehend.  Also, here's for things not working out how you might think they would, and for being excited about how they do... Here's to adventure, to cooking, to spooning, exploring, tasting, and expectant that this will be GOOD.

Take a look...LB's Good Spoon...and Bon Appetit! 

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  1. LOVE IT! LOVE YOU! Cannot wait to enjoy the Spoon in DC.