ciabatta, avocado, egg

Here it is kids.  The brunch like sandwich that's been getting me through the day.  I don't always have a loaf of bread on hand, so I find buying a quality loaf of bread can really make a difference.  I got some bread from Lazy Acres for under $3 for a loaf of ciabatta and made a couple eggs sunny side up.  Let's not fear the egg.  Maybe if you have cholesterol problems you can be a bit more cautious, but if you're not eating it for the fat and cholesterol then biting into a huge cookie or french fries, let's talk.  Making eggs is something that can seem so simple, but really takes technique.  Make sure your pan is hot, and coated with cooking spray and a little butter should you like.  Add the eggs to the pan and allow to cook until they start turning white.  When they still have a bit of time to go, flip the eggs and allow to cook for a few seconds, checking that they're done then removing the pan from the heat so the yokes don't cook too much.  Ah, runny egg yolks you get to sop up with good bread.  I sliced half an avocado on top- good fat, lowers bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol, added some salt and pepper and enjoyed with a dark cup of coffee.  Happy Friday morning!

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  1. You had me at avocado. Seems this fresh sandwich is making its way around these days... I must try one for myself.