...and I'm back

Thanks for the blog love today! I'm "back" and have some interesting thoughts for where the direction of this blog just might go. I've been cooking, but nothing too exciting. Meals for one are well, less than exciting sometimes. Avocado on toast doesn't disappoint. A sunny side up egg on toast with avocado- now we're talking. Needless to say- I might post random comments or facts or tips here and there. Then- I might post about some more extravagant meals I make, techniques I learn, and things I do because well, life is a learning adventure and I'm "ready to run" as one song rings in my head...

I'm also thankful for the words of a fellow Chagrin, California, Blogger who encouraged me with the words of Provision. As I journey through this time of transition, it's a good reminder that we're always in it, and we're also always right where we need to be. Much of what my life looks like right now will be drastically different in the coming weeks, months, and years. Isn't that a good thing though? Shouldn't we be happy that things change and that we don't just sit, stay, be?


  1. So happy you're back friend :-)

  2. Anonymous2/12/2010

    missed your inspirational cooking, glad you are back. Incredible play list.