carolina on my mind

Excuse the post title. I had to. It's been some time now since I returned from South Carolina, and oh does it deserve quite the post. We had a great time in Aiken starting off enjoying some presents then the local and quite famous Track Kitchen where some of the jockeys go to eat their grits. I of course had to order grits as well! We also made our way to the Aiken brewing company while there and enjoyed the Gold Medal winning Thoroughbred Red brew. Very good, very good indeed.

Benny and I got some pics done by the talented Heather Sargent as a little gift to me, and we cooked cooked cooked! There was "the cake." This cake was made by Benjamin's mom and well, it's a Paula Deen darlin'! That means there is well, a cheesecake in the middle of it and a buttercream frosting. Ain't nothing like a little calories to feel loved, eh Paula?! It was incredibly fun decorating this cake and as you can see we got quite into it!

Another highlight of the trip was fried catfish made by Benjamin's grandpa. He brought the fish up from Louisiana and I was so excited to taste the recipe I'd heard so much about. A little fish, Louisiana hot sauce, lemmon pepper, and well- no- I won't tell you this secret family recipe but boy was it good! We made some slaw, potato salad, fries, and hush puppies to fill up the table. When I told Benjamin's grandma I'd never fried something before while frying the hush puppies, I got quite the look! All in all, I can't imagine a better "welcome" to South Carolina. Such fun- and I even ended up liking the Corgie pup I'd heard so much about. Until next time...

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