Where have I been? What a horrible blogger to not update you on one of the most important seasons of the year! I have many a recipe in the queue, but first, here is the past couple weeks in pictures. I arrived in DC on the 21st and have been to Chagrin for Christmas, then Pennsylvania for a family reunion, and now back to VA before heading down to South Carolina on Tuesday for a few days!

The trip started with thankfully missing the snowy mess and being able to land in Dulles without a hitch. Then there was a drive through the snowy landscape to arrive in Ohio and see many a friend and old classmate. A couple minutes into Chagrin and you easily run into several people you know. Ah...small towns. We spent Christmas Eve with dear friends crashing their tradition of pierogies in Parma which they make every year, and the next day joining them for Christmas Brunch before heading to some other friends for a wonderful beef dinner. Yum. It was relaxing and enjoyable. Later in the weekend we of course went back so Anne, Liz and I could watch Little Women. Traditions never get old. Being back home is beyond nostalgic for me as I love Chagrin oh so much and wish we still lived there. Regardless, it's still "Home" and shall forever be.

Busy times and admittedly nice to relax and check out of 'life as I know it" for a bit until the next thing comes up. My job has just ended so I'm confident these next few months will be interesting ones, and all oh so good. While I've been home it's been fun to sift through some of my grandma and great grandma's recipes. I could have a whole blog just recreating these dishes, though I admit I'd probably use Crisco in place of the recommended "lard" which I'm assuming didn't come in Crisco form back in the day. Here's to a great 2010...I'm excited.