26 years ago today....

...God created me.

Thanks for all the birthday love friends! A friend (Roth) this morning gave me a card that says "Blog" about 50 times on the front. Inside she mentioned the ways this year has been quite mysterious and wonderful for me. It's true- a lot of random (but not so randoms) happenings in the past year which have all worked out for the good- I love how that happens. So, here's to 26! Many more random mysterious happenings all for the good!

Oh, and here's to a picture that somewhat resembles me blowing out a candle, but really I'm "kissing" a green lady bug we found in arugula. Totally makes sense...


  1. Awesome. Laura Beth.
    Pretty people with pretty skills!

  2. 26 years ago today....God created Laura Hall....and because we love her so much....we have a T-shirt that says...Iiiii celebrated myyyy Birthday at...Summer's Best Two Weeks!