maple pumpkin granola

It feels like I'm participating in a party foul right now. I'm posting about a recipe I made up, and one I can't entirely remember because I lost the little piece of paper I used to write down what I was doing when I made this. My apologies. However, I can still tell you enough and refer you to my other granola recipes so you can get inspired and realize there are some things you just really can't mess up.

For this rendition I wanted maple and pumpkin. I'm always a sucker for pumpkin granola when I see it in the store, so why can't I just make it myself? The liquid was comprised of mainly maple syrup, corn syrup, and apple juice. I brought it to a boil and had a cinnamon stick in there as well. Bring on the flavors of fall.

In the granola there were pecans, sunflower seeds, a little brown sugar for sweetness, raisins, flax meal, and wheat germ. This is why I love granola- not only satisfying, but made well, oh so good for you. Just throw it in the oven at about 350 and turn it around every 15 minutes. I made a bit extra liquid for this one, so there were extra clusters. Who doesn't love the cluster? I'm pretty sure Kate and I used to get honey bunches of oats just for the clusters. So good.

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