from thanksgiving to christmas

I've been back in Montana and it's been wonderful. Not too cold. Not too windy. Not too many thoughts about work wonderful. It's been pretty relaxing and I'm glad I got to be here for Thanksgiving. It was my first thanksgiving with a bunch of random people who I think probably all would have rather been somewhere else, but it was fun nonetheless. I made my staples: mashed potatoes, gingered pumpkin pie and cranberry walnut relish.

Friday morning we got a tree and also enjoyed getting some lights, ornaments, and decorating with the ornaments Benjamin's mom sent him. So precious to see the ornaments from his first Christmas- 1982. We also watched the classic, Christmas Vacation, which is a must for me right after Thanksgiving. I was glad to hear Benjamin recite the lines as well. We'd be in trouble if he had never seen that movie. Well, I head out in the morning so more later. Until then, here's a tease of a post.

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