fall in los olivos

This afternoon Les and I headed up for a quick trip to Los Olivos. Excuse me. Les, Molly and I. I've been wanting to try out Saarloos, Stolpman, and the Enjoy cupcakes I follow on twitter. Yup. We stopped into Saarloos and were happy to discover a wine and cupcake pairing. Done and done. Stolpman was pretty wonderful and I highly recommend it- great reds. It's fun as I wine taste more and more. My palette is getting a bit picky, I must say. I love fall up there. Since well, even if it's warm it feels more fall like. Persimmons and yellow leaves on the trees. Hello, November.


  1. Wine & cupcakes?? yes please. that sounds like such a fun outing.

  2. Anonymous11/03/2009

    tasty, tasty! molly's going to be so excited one day for those cupcakes. hmmmm, first birthday treats? never to soon to start thinking!