montana: guns & beer

So I'm back in Montana this week. We got to enjoy some more of Missoula and saw Ben Folds play there which was really exciting. His tunes took me back to high school. It was fun to watch and listen to him and sing along. Thanks Benny. Missoula is a cute place. Funny enough two people from my hometown, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, now live there which is pretty random. After walking around a bit, I can see why. We went to Kettle House and enjoyed a pumpkin ale, and then we walked over to the local bread store to get a loaf for the week.

Back in Great Falls highlights would probably be contained in the all star day we had yesterday. Eric and Benjamin suggested we go shooting. I have never held a gun for more than 2 minutes so likewise, shooting it, even the thought, gave me a nervous rush. We went out to who knows where and I did in fact pull the trigger and shoot a gun. I was pretty glad that after the first couple shots I was less giggly and nervous, and could at least know how to load it and shoot. Next time we can work on skill. Today, I have a bit of a bruise on my arm. Oh well. It was worth it.

After shooting we headed back to grill steaks and brew beer. Being someone who enjoys good brews, it was fun to see what goes into the making of a beer. I must say, it's pretty worth it to make your own beer. Once you have the kit, the ingredients aren't much and it just takes a bit of time. We started a bit later and were up too late waiting for the brew to get down to 70 degrees so we could pitch the yeast. I'm not sure we waited long enough because it doesn't seem to be fermenting yet. Apparently, we can get more yeast and pitch it again. The smell in the house was like that of a brewery and the boys loved the hops, grains, and malty aroma. What a day.

Today, I'm enjoying the scenery and am going to get myself out for a walk shortly to move around a bit. The barn and canoe and horses are all right here in his backyard. I'm a little bit in love with the different color pails in the barn. Would make for an awesome picture or painting I think. Well, a couple more days here then back to life in SB!

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  1. This all sounds so amazing, I'm so glad you are living it up Montana style! Thanks for posting so I can live vicariously through you :)