big day. little clogs.

A little bit ago I made a big purchase. I got Danskos. Standing for hours in the kitchen is no good on one's back and well, I like to stand for hours in the kitchen. Now that I've been going to Pilates more often I'm even more conscious of my posture and real excited for the new digs. It felt like a really big day in my culinary life when I bought them. And I mean- they could be worn with a dress or skirt- when I'm doing a cooking class, or cooking. A really great investment I must say and something that makes me feel like I'm taking baby steps in the right direction like others who have followed their dreams with these here shoes. Oh little clogs, where will you take me?

I wanted to also highlight this apron Annemarie so graciously gifted me with awhile ago (from etsy of course). I told her how roosters are in kitchen design because they're supposed to be good luck. With the Good Spoon, she wanted to encourage me and encourage me she did. I'm not sure she's seen me in it, so I had to snap a pic when I wore it the other day. Thanks, AP!

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  1. Anonymous10/28/2009

    Ha!! I hadn't seen you in fun!! Love the roosters and dots!!