wine country with the mom

My mom was in town recently and we did our usual. Relax. Have no Schedule. Cook. Drink good wine. Relax. We didn't have many plans, or the "yah we could go there" didn't seem to happen. It's ok though, because we like not having a schedule. We did head up to Santa Ynez and decided to venture into some wineries we weren't as familiar with. Our first stop was Blackjack, then Rideau, then Lafond. I had been to Lafond before, and we were happy to end our time there. The day was closing and the staff was incredible nice. I'm not a fan of showing up 10 minutes before closing and getting rushed through a tasting. That definitely did not happen here, and we had a blast. The decor inside was incredible classy Santa Barbara, and outside we couldn't get enough of the flowers and scenes of the beautiful vineyards. We picked up a couple bottles and later enjoyed them with my roommates. Thanks for a great weekend, Mom. You can come back anytime. Well, almost anytime. :)

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  1. Great memories, Laura! I love you!!!! MOM