good eats

My taste buds have had a really good run the past couple weeks. let's start with Julienne. Rob and I knew we wanted to try out this place after Tony stopped in and raved about it. Then Les and Jer (insert link to their blog here) couldn't say enough and so we went and tasted and saw and it was good. really good. We started with yellow tail tartar, there was a panzanella (now that's a dish I want to master) and then there was halibut- about 5 hours out of the ocean. Does it get any better? Oh yes. Homemade ice cream. Well done. I can't wait for them to get a bar in there.

This past weekend there was another Neptunes Net visit, Tupelo, Cold Springs Tavern- a must go to in Santa Barbara. When Andrea and Kat come up next, we'll go. We missed out on the live tunes, but a wonderful night none the less followed by a stop in at none other than the Cat. How I love the Cat...meow. I got to explore the world of really good Belgium beer. St. Bernardus Abt #12. Thankyouvery much. Then some exploration of Caipirinha.

The past couple days I've been sipping on more zucchini soup, but this time getting crazy with some fresh corn in there and maybe a dollop of daisy thanks to a good ol tri tip bbq Sunday night, pictured above thank to ap. More to come kids. I'm still alive.

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