the getty

In an effort to enjoy where we live, and take advantage of it, Roth and I headed to the Getty for a Sunday afternoon. The Getty in Malibu is located just before the traffic really gets going so it's nice that sometimes it can only take 45 minutes to get down there. Once there, all you pay for is parking, and then you have amazing art, gardens, and views of the city waiting.

I love looking at the art, but I think I love the gardens there more. All the "master pieces" seem to be in one room which seems a little silly to me. Then that room is a little busy, and some others don't have much going on.

The gardens are ever changing and I loved loved loved all the dahlias in bloom. I spotted some verbena with their purple flowers and said, "Oh yah, I have that in my garden too.." It was a fun afternoon sitting and people watching. Lots of "Oh so LA" people and then the Europeans that continue to flock here for the weather and great deals. If you're around this area- go there. If you're coming into LA sometime- Go there.

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  1. we're so artsy and sophisticated...