when life gives your zucchini: faux lasagna

It's been an explosion of produce these days at 1339. I love it. Yesterday I harvested 6 more zucchini, cherry tomatoes and lettuce for a salad. Today I know I will have some green beans. My zebra tomato that I've been patiently watching turn red will be ready today or tomorrow and the sunflowers have the most incredible blooms right now. In efforts to not get over this vegetable of mass proportion, I created a faux lasagna recipe the other day.

  • Layer 1: zukes and squash. Cut them so they're not too thick but a nice slice.
  • Layer 2: Mix about 3/4 cup ricotta cheese with 1 egg and 2 sprigs marjoram leaves, s&p.
  • Layer 3: More squash
  • Layer 4: Mix about 1/3 cup tomato paste with 2 roma tomatoes, chopped and about 1-2 T olive oil. Sprinkle layer with crushed red pepper and some kalamata olives.
  • Layer 5- top with additional squash, a couple dabs of ricotta mixture, basil, and grate some parm on top.
  • Bake at 350 for about 45 min (check at 30) until tender and the top is golden.

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