summer kitchen

it should really come as no surprise that I judged this book by it's cover (yes it matched my blog, bathing suit, beach umbrella, etc.) and picked it up and read it. a good beach read but nothing too wonderful to write home about. it did hit hard the fact that food is more than just filling ones bellies or as my friend ct more articulately once wrote:

dinner sunday night was an experiment gone right. the food only seemed to compliment our conversation, which was spiced with the meanander of questions, thoughts, challenges, perspectives, and hopes that fill the heart and its mind. i came away reminded that there can be something so sacred about sharing a table. like our days the conversation can begin without objective, happen into the strangest places, hopscotch subjects and places, and land in the final square of satisfaction. the night’s final square for me was simply this: can this very table be one of intentional encouragement– even to the point of ministry? can food hosted at this simple table open more than mouth and fill more than bellies?

i think and i pray it can.

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