neptune's net

work has been getting the best of me these days in not a good way. i dream of escaping and getting somewhere that doesn't have cellular coverage. maybe this is a problem. more likely this is what one does in their 20's as they are paving the way for their career and working hard with the hopes of hard work paying off. this morning after an early wake up call and nearly 3 hr drive to long beach, I found myself headed north again not 3 hrs later. I decided to treat myself to highway 1 and as I drove up the coast decided to stop into Neptune's Net. Every time I pass it I want to go in "someday" and I made that day be today. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I was happy to find the lack of malibu rif raff. think surfers and booths and skin. Ok, maybe that's what you think when you think Malibu but maybe take away the expensive bathing suits and sun glasses and insert people who can eat and enjoy fried food and a burger. It's what you should want to eat at the beach- fries, and some form of seafood. I got the crab cake basket which most definitely wasn't the best crab cake I've ever had, but it was good and fresh and I Linksat there watching the waves and getting some stares for not being in my bathing suit but rather dressy work clothes and heels. It was a nice 35 min escape just down the road. Maybe someday soon I'll have a more southern staycation.

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