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When a lot in me is fighting to be yet another blogger out there talking about Julie & Julia, I can't help but feel a bit connected after a long night, and morning, of cooking. I'm ridiculous. I come home from work, and thankfully have some excited friends who gladly taste test my creations. First up, figs with a toasted almond, blue cheese, wrapped in prosciutto. Salty and sweet- you can't go wrong. Then there's me taking zucchini from the garden and making zucchini and basil soup which may just be the winner of the evening. Then, goat cheese and squash pizza. Then, boy bait.

This morning, I get a message from a foodie friend who suggests boy bait may be a better breakfast item than dessert which was the plan- I'll take it tonight to Padaro for Griffin's birthday. No offense to the taste buds there, but there's enough butter in this boy bait, it's gotta be fine. Well, not fine enough apparently for my impulsive 8:05 self. I'll make the yellow cake I've been wanting to try- at 8:15 in the morning. No problem. I successfully pop it in, knowing it won't take long and I'll be at work on time-ish no problem. Then, the cake runneth over. Apparently I should add larger cake pans to my list of needing a cherry pitter, kitchen scale and juicer. And so, it felt a little like burning beef bourguignon. As my roommate said, this morning, "ok crazy person..."

And so, the question remains. Will I make another cake, or maybe cupcakes this afternoon? Or will I square up some boy bait and call it a day? Problem is...the spoons gotta persevere. And the spoons gotta know how to make a real good birthday cake. From scrath.

Recipes and pictures to come...

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