Julia's Kitchen

Enough already, right? Wrong. I went to her kitchen. I had to. I remember wanting to go when I lived there but well, I remember wanting to do a lot when I lived in DC that never happened.

We went, and it was wonderful. I must now share a story that... must be shared. While at Westmont I knew that Julia Child lived somewhere up in the hills of Montecito, right where I rested my head at night. When people talked about Oprah and Rob Lowe sitings, I just wanted to run into Julia at the farmers market.

Well, "run" into her I did one day on a run through the hills of Montecito around campus. I was stopped at a stop sign and a car pulled up. I looked in and thought, "That's Julia Child! That's Julia Child!!" And so, she kept driving and instead of going on my route, I ran after her. Sadly, the story ends there but still, really fun. I saw her.


  1. Awesome! Bet you still dream about what she might have said had you been bold enough to jump on the hood of her car.....or faint on the side of the road...or lob organic tomatoes at her windshield?!?! Thrilling nonetheless.

  2. that is very true. If only... :)