Good Spoon: Market to Table, Summer

Let's not mutter the f (fall) word just yet. It's still Summer, and for those of us here in Santa Barbara, I'd argue we experience the warm months for a few to come. Let's gather to learn some new summer creations from Market (think Farmers) to Table.
You've probably exhausted your summer dishes by this point, and it's time you added some new recipes to your repertoire.

When: August 29, 2009
Time: 7:00 PM
Cost: $30

RSVP by 8.24 to reserve your spot- Space is Limited!


  1. SO FUN! I want to come! And I LOVE the pics!

  2. RSVP for one out of towner please... SO EXCITED!!

  3. CP. Book a ticket already. Auds... you are SO there. :)

  4. Terrific pictures! Are you offering virtual classes on Skype? I'll have to read all about it afterwards from down here in endless summerland

  5. Andrea, Thanks! That's what happens when my roommate is a photographer extraordinaire! No skyping just yet, but you make a good point. Maybe I should have a weekely tip on the site, or something I learn/am excited about. I could post little video and keep the site changing like Jim talked about!

  6. Laura- I am so impressed with this site! I love cooking, and all things food, whether trying new recipes, cooking classes, or new restaurants. I wish I lived closer to attend some of your events! How did you get started in food? I guess I dont even know what you went to school for!?
    Good luck with all, you seem to be doing great!

    Its been so long!

    Alicia Hampton