Flash Fried Zucchini with Pork

The other night I came home to two roommates on the couch and myself explaining to them the need to make 3 pork chops in the fridge. They had been frozen and it's not good to freeze then defrost then freeze, so Tuesday night they had to be cooked up. I'd been thinking about the Panko I had and again, wanting to not just grill up with squash anymore, but see what else I could come up with I looked in some cookbooks for inspiration then decided to just create. And so, flash fried zukes and pork chops were had. I seasoned each before I dipped them in an egg wash that was seasoned with salt, pepper, and a touch of ginger then dredged in Panko. They were then places in some olive oil until crispy and golden. We all know the fear of a dried pork chop and this turned out nice and juicy. AP had some egg noodles so I chopped up the goods, served it over the noodles, and splashed on some peanut dressing. All in all, different and not bad, not bad. For another take on the night, and additional pictures, click here.

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